Current release

Version: 1.0.0
sha 224 checksum:

dynalogin server for UNIX/Linux (using Debian or Ubuntu)

The easiest way to get dynalogin is to use the dynalogin Debian packages. However, they may not always be up to date.

# apt-get install dynalogin-server # apt-get install simpleid-store-dynalogin

and then follow the instructions in the README.Debian files (see /usr/share/doc/simpleid-store-dynalogin for example)

Building dynalogin from source code

dynalogin 1.0.0 is the current release.

dynalogin soft-token for your phone

The most secure way to get the soft-token is to build from source. This is made easier to maintain and distribute within your organisation by using the F-Droid Market build system and a locally branded version of F-Droid Market app on each phone.

You can download the regular F-Droid Market app to your phone and use that to install dynalogin. F-Droid verifies that the dynalogin build is based on the published source code. F-Droid does not require you to have any Google account on your phone, so it is also better for your privacy.

If you do have a Google account linked to your phone, you can install in the most convenient manner, using the Google Play / Android Market app on your phone: